Terms of Service

- If you choose to commission me, I will traditionally draw and paint an illustration and email you the file of the linework and the finished painting with my watermark small and transparent on it.
If you would like a printout of the illustration than please say so and I will also ship you a signed printout of the finished art by post. Which will cost you $20 extra for the shipping and packaging.

- I will not ship the original! And I do not sell licenses at the moment.

- I will start your commission as soon as possible and it will probably take one or two weeks (after I beginning to draw) to finish the illustration.
Please always have in mind that traditional work usually takes longer than digital work, as there are additional work steps such as drying the paint and smoothing the paper.
So please be patient.
But you can always ask how far I am with your commission and I will email you work in progress photos.

- In Germany it is not allowed to do business with under 18 year olds, that's why I ask for your age at the beginnin.
For your understanding that the question of age is mandatory.

- I have the rights to upload all artworks to my social media and portfolio. If you wish to keep it private, then please inform me before I start.

- I have the rights to sell the illustration as prints.

- I will not pass on your information, such as your e-mail address, postal address or your real name, to third parties. You are also not allowed to pass on my information to third parties.

- I have the rights to decline any commission that I do not feel comfortable or do not wish to work on.

- Each commission is for personal use only!
Licenses are not available at this time, my work is strictly for personal use.
- Do not post my artwork with the intention to sell it without a license.
Also do not remove my Signature without my consent.
This also applies to the conversion into nft, which is only permitted with my consent!

- I will be paid in full if you agree to the sketch I made and sent you as a photo.
After i have received payment there will be no refund unless I need to personally cancel your order.

- I only accept euros(€) or US dollars($) as payment and only via PayPal.

- Original Characters       
- Fantasy Creatures  
- Fanart      
- Real People (stylized)
- Pets/ Animals
- Mecha
- Unlawful fetishes/ kinks
- Racism or Hate-Group related artwork
- Anti LGBTQ